Past Events

Scholastic Bookfair

Our first official fundraiser of the year was the Scholastic Book Fair held in November 2022! It was well attended!

Shakey's Pizza Takeover

In February 2023, we had a fundraiser event at Shakey's in Fairwood. It was a huge success with lots of staff, families and friends of Talbot Hill who came out to support the new PTA!

See more pictures from this event.

Chipotle Fundraiser

We held a fundraiser at Chipotle on Rainier Ave on Wednesday, March 15. Many families and community members helped us raise $614 for events and programs for students and staff of Talbot Hill. Thank you community!

Red Robin Fundraiser

We held the Red Robin Fundraiser on Thursday, April 27. This event was hard to tell if it was well attended but we did raise some funds to support activities for students, staff and families!

Talbot Hill C.A.R.E.S.

On April 22, we held our first Talbot Hill C.A.R.E.S. (Clothes Are Really Expensive Sale) Event. This event is similar to a garage sale where we collected gently used kids' size clothing and shoes and sold them at just 50 cents a piece!  Lots of donations were collected from the community and we're looking forward to offering this event again next year!

Apex Fun Run (Tiger Trot)

May 18, 2023 was our first Apex Fun Run Fundraiser event! The week leading up to the run, students were able to participate in many different leadership training opportunities and spent time working to collect pledges for the number of laps they would run at the May 18th event. 

We were pleasantly surprised with the wonderful feedback we received and completely wowed with the amount of money raised for this event, bringing in $34k for field trips for next school year as well as classroom grants and more!

Previous events list:


 07 PTA General Membership Meeting (5:30pm, Library)

 16 Fundraiser - Shakey’s Pizza (5pm-8pm)

 28 PTA Talbot Hill Board Meeting (5:30pm, conference room)

 20-24 No School (Mid-winter break)


 15 Fundraiser - Chipotle Fundraiser (at Rainier location)

 20 No School (Teacher Prof Dev Day)

 28 PTA Talbot Hill Board Meeting (5:30pm, conference room)


 04 PTA General Membership Meeting (5:30PM, Talbot Hill Library)

 10-14 No School (Spring Break)

 17-21 Clothing donation collections

 22 Event/Fundraiser - Talbot Hill C.A.R.E.S.
(Clothes Are Really Expensive Sale), 10AM-1PM, Talbot Hill Cafeteria

 25 PTA Talbot Hill Board Meeting

 27 Fundraiser - Red Robin (at the Landing), 4-8PM


 8-12 Event - Staff Appreciation Week

 18 Fundraiser - Tiger Trot Fun Run

 18 Event - Kindergarten Info Night

 23 PTA Talbot Hill Board Meeting (5:30pm, conference room)

 29 No School (Memorial Day)


 06 PTA General Membership Meeting (5:30pm, Library)

 15 Event - Talbot Hill Culture Night/Bite of Talbot Hill (Volunteer at this event)

 19 No School (Juneteenth)

 20 Event - Field Day (Volunteer at this event)

 21 Event - 5th Grade Promotion (Volunteer at this event)

 22 Last day of school